Useful Knowledge About Hosting And VPS You Should Know -

Useful Knowledge About Hosting And VPS You Should Know

Virtual server VPS and hosting are all necessary tools for a website. So how to distinguish VPS and hosting for a website. In order to distinguish between VPS and hosting we need to go into details to find out the differences between these two types of services.

Basic Knowledge About Hosting

Hosting is a service that stores a lot of different websites on an internet-connected server system. In hosting, each web site has its own section, no web page matches the web.
Renting cheap hosting is a service that many people use today. Hosting will help us save a big cost from maintaining and hiring servers. Hosting also has its own operating system, but its weaknesses cannot be changed because it shares the same configuration with the Server.
The hosting configuration is usually simple because everything is programmed and ready to be installed in the server. Hosting is often low in capacity and storage capacity is limited, transmission quality and bandwidth are low.

Basic Knowledge About VPS

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a type of server created by dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers with the same features as a separate server. These created virtual servers run under resources from the physical server that created it.
A VPS server is created under virtualization technology, the number of VPS is always much lower than the number of hosting on a server system. Therefore VPS will work much more stable than hosting. Moreover, VPS's resource utilization is far superior to hosting.
For businesses, using cheap VPS rental service will bring a lot of advantages compared to using hosting. VPS will be suitable for building the mail server, web server, Backup / Storage Server systems ... to use it alone or to transfer data files between branches of enterprises together easily and quickly, safely and high security.
The virtual server is considered as a solution to reconcile server and hosting in both cost and operating quality aspects. A VPS will be more powerful and faster than a hosting, but it is not possible with a server. Therefore, virtual server VPS is an option for most small and medium enterprises today.
Using VPS will help businesses still function well but it will save a big cost compared to using server rental service. Therefore VPS is the most optimal solution for most businesses today.


A hosting will have a lot of drawbacks compared to a VPS virtual server. In terms of functionality, processing speed, save words, hosting is far from a VPS. Therefore, VPS launched has made hosting somewhat weaker.
For businesses, currently using VPS is a more reasonable solution than using web hosting. However, if conditions do not allow, the use of hosting for small business activities is also a feasible plan.

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