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Which Server Should You Choose For Your Business?

Do you know "server" is one of the hottest keywords on Google recently? Are businesses considering a lot of server options in the age of 4.0 technology? In order to understand which server types are suitable for any business audience, the following article will compare 3 typical server services.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server owns independent hardware devices with strong points of high processing speed, the bandwidth of the website is also maximized, so it can serve a large number of customers at the same time. But in the future, you have to pay a small expense for expanding the platform, infrastructure investment, operating costs and dozens of other costs that are certain that medium and growing businesses will have to consider when the financial resources are not strong enough.

Virtual Private Server

VPS is a type of virtual server divided from a physical server, each physical server will split into many different servers, they operate in the form of sharing resources from the original physical server. Each VPS is a completely separate system, including its own CPU, its own RAM capacity, and its own HDD capacity. Enterprises will have to pay the entire cost of VPS configuration corresponding to the divided part on the physical server.
The advantage is to save hardware investment costs, operating costs and installation space. VPS is concentrated on 1 server, so the operation and management will be easier. However, VPS has some problems such as Enterprise needs to upgrade configuration, it will cost a lot to upgrade. The physical server, unfortunately, has trouble, it will affect the whole data and the VPS system must also stop operating.

Cloud Server

The birth is a bit late but it carries a noble mission, which is to overcome the disadvantages of traditional servers. All Data and operations are stored on the cloud infrastructure, making the entire system work stably. All components in the Cloud Server system are set up with automatic backup mechanisms. With just a few clicks, you can increase/decrease hardware resources without having to stop the running server system.
With such advantages, Cloud Server can be considered the best choice for businesses today. In addition, the use of Cloud Server will help businesses optimize investment costs thanks to an extremely flexible charging mechanism.

The Last Words

In the context of the technology revolution 4.0 has been going on, more and more businesses are aware of the importance of investing in cloud technology infrastructure. This motivates Server providers to improve service quality to attract customers to trust and choose to use the service.

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