How to choose between Cloud Server and Dedicated server? -

How to choose between Cloud Server and Dedicated server?

When we are launching an IT project with certain technical requirements and that requires an advanced solution that we can manage ourselves as developers, one of the first decisions we must make is what type of Server suits me: a Cloud Server? Or a Dedicated Server? Many factors can tip the balance towards one or the other alternative, such as the experience of the Systems professional or your personal preferences. However, the most important thing is to analyze the type of project and the needs of the applications that must be deployed, as explained below.

The decision between Cloud Server or Dedicated Server is closely related to the application we have to deploy. The study of the characteristics of each project must tell us which of the two alternatives is the most appropriate and there, we must attend to several factors, such as the need for processing, user behavior, growth expectations, etc. Below we review the main features of Cloud and Dedicated Servers according to different elements:

Payment for use

Both Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers are based on pay per use, which means that they will only be billed for the time of use of the machines. Although for this reason both alternatives would be tied, it is a factor that we must study very closely in other providers, since it is generally that Dedicated Servers require an initial disbursement and are billed for months or years. Besides, the cost of Cloud Servers is predictable with accuracy.


The great advantage of Cloud Servers is their scaling and flexibility. The resources of the virtual machines can vary with time and therefore allow better cost control, thanks to the possibility of sizing servers accompanying the needs of applications at all times. In the Dedicated, the dimensioning of the resources of the server can be more complicated, since if we dimension in excess we will be paying more from the first day and if we fall short we can be forced to make a migration to another server sooner than desired or we will have to request an extension to our measure.


Although they are increasingly approaching in terms of performance, in some very demanding applications and environments, such as those based on SAP HANA, or that require intensive calculations (Business Intelligence, IoT, Big Data applications ...) it may be advisable to opt for a Server Dedicated. The reason is that the Dedicated Server processor is completely and exclusively dedicated to serving the application, so it can perform operations faster and with less latency.

Hardware fault tolerance

Thanks to virtualization, Cloud Servers win the game in this factor, so it is something we do not have to worry about: Cloud Servers are completely tolerant of hardware failures since the machines replicate in seconds before any inconvenient without having to do anything. On the other hand, Dedicated Servers depend on the proper functioning of the hardware they have, so if any component fails, the machine may be affected. All Dedicated Servers have Raid 1, which also guarantees high security of stored data and maximum tolerance to mechanical failures.

High availability

As for high availability, both solutions are very suitable and have more or less the same characteristics if we configure them correctly. However, in the Cloud Servers, we can deploy as a service advanced system administration functionalities that on Dedicated Servers might require more technical knowledge or time.

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