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VPS or Dedicated is the most suitable server?

Today we continue in the line of articles designed to help professionals and companies to choose the type of service that best suits their needs. On this occasion, we will focus on Virtual Servers, also known as VPS, and Dedicated Servers. Both are advanced hosting options that share the need to have the certain technical knowledge to manage services and offer high configuration possibilities, as explained below.
In both models of accommodation, the client has an independent machine, where you can install any operating system, programs, languages, libraries, etc. The fundamental difference is that in VPS it is a virtual machine, while in Dedicated Servers it is a physical machine.

When to use a VPS?

The VPS differ from those dedicated especially for their lower price, so they are ideal for projects that are starting or where the amount of resources needed for its operation is not very large. By having a private virtual machine, you enjoy a customization capacity that is not available in traditional hosting but maintaining a very tight investment. This configuration capacity is necessary for projects where applications, languages ​​or frameworks that are not available in traditional shared hosting are used, or where operational mechanisms require access to the server by SSH. In general, the resources needed to run a web server are not usually very high, so VPS can be more than enough for numerous web projects. A VPS is even able to host several domains, so it can be very suitable for companies that want to use the same server to offer the service to several websites or even to different clients.

When to use a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Servers work on completely independent physical machines, to which only the client has access. They are capable of the same customization possibilities as VPS, with the additional advantage of ensuring that server resources are fully dedicated to the client.
In an ideal world, a VPS would be completely autonomous ... But in practice, by sharing the same physical resources, the performance of a VPS may be promptly affected by neighboring virtual machines that share the same physical server. This reason leads system administrators to prefer a Dedicated Server, since, in general, the processing or memory capabilities of the physical machine are usually a little higher than the same resources offered in a virtualization scheme.

When to move from a VPS to a Dedicated Server?

As we have said, a VPS can be more than enough for most web projects. However, as much more traffic is obtained, more domains need to be hosted or processing needs to increase, it may be limited. In general, VPS works very well in projects where processing needs are not very high, but not so much when applications have to perform complex calculations, where Dedicated can extract better performance, even at a comparable amount of resources.
Besides, VPS usually have less storage space capacity than dedicated server. Hence, they are not recommended options for large databases or if large amounts of heavy files must be housed.
To know when we must migrate from a VPS to a VPS with greater capacity or to a Dedicated Server, we have a control panel that allows you to manage the server and monitor the status of resources in real-time. This tool will offer us valuable information to know the status of the server. If we find prolonged periods in which an occupation greater than 80% of the server resources is maintained, we can deduce that the moment of migration is coming.

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